04 May 2017

Election formula: Republican party of Armenia – “Yerkir tsirani” party

Election debate before Yerevan City Council elections

Public transport is one of the biggest problems in Yerevan, therefore, the most discussed on the threshold of the City Council election. Candidate for City Council member, Republican Gor Vardanyan believes that this problem cannot be resolved only by the municipality. “This issue should be addressed through international organizations, government, and private sector support. Today, we have clear provisions in our plan to create new operator who will be able to deliver services that will meet international standards. At the same time, completely upgrade bus fleet, excluding the minibuses,” Gor Vardanyan notes.

According to Yerevan City Council candidate, “Yerkir Tsirani” party representative Tigran Poghosyan, it was possible to carry out reforms in this area using 50-70 percent of municipality budget during the past five years. “The state of public transport in Yerevan is so terrible that 95 percent of vehicles are minibuses that have been operated for 12-16 hours and 6-7 working days for more than 15 years. In such conditions it is technically impossible to maintain the buses,” Poghosyan emphasizes. Moreover, in his opinion, there were no significant changes during these five years.

Opposing the above, Gor Vardanyan notes that in recent years these issues have been partially resolved, but the problem is too significant and the whole system needs fundamental changes.
“We were not lucky in the sense that our ruling party is the RPA, therefore we do not see any changes,” the representative of the Yerkir Tsirani party says. The details of the debate in the program “Election Formula”.