30 Mar 2017

RPA – “ELK” alliance political debate

“Unmasking” school principals, achievements and failures of Armenian foreign policy. A heated debate between the members of RPA and “Elk” alliance. Member of Republican Party of Armenia, parliamentary candidate Hayk Mamijanyan and member of “Elk” alliance, parliamentary candidate Mane Tandilyan.


Speaking about the enrollment performed by headmasters, republican Hayk Mamijanyan asks, "Those schoolmasters are republicans, and who said that the Republican Party member has no right to preach his beliefs?" He also observes that information has been obtained fraudulently.

Mane Tandilyan opposes asking, what it means to enroll parents or to clarify, who are they going to vote for? "Here is an issue of dependence, grade, and attitude dependence. I am a teacher and your child depends on me," the alliance member expresses her concern about the above-mentioned issue.

The parties' views with regard to the generational change also differ. Mamijanyan believes that the political transition requires not only age but as well new faces. Tandilyan is sure that it is time to give way to the young politicians. "A decision should be made by young people. New "blood", a new mindset, and changes of values are needed," the member of the alliance "Elk" says.