29 Oct 2018

US does not require concessions on the settlement of Artsakh issue

Visit of John Bolton։ Commentary of international expert and analyst.


The visit of US national security adviser John Bolton to the region, in fact, determined the Trump administration’s policy toward the Caucasus. Independent analyst of the Jamestown Foundation, Eduard Abrahamyan, first of all, notes that in this context Azerbaijan was recognized as a strategic country, Georgia as a country of great strategic importance, and Armenia as a country of high priority.

There were some explanations related to Armenia, particularly concerning Artsakh issue. As Eduard Abrahamyan notes, both in Baku and in Yerevan it was clearly emphasized that an early settlement of the Karabakh conflict is of a strategic importance for the restoration of the region.

In his turn, international expert Suren Sargsyan emphasizes that United States doesn’t put pressure on Armenia and encourages the adoption of independent decisions based on US interests. “In other words, it has been clearly mentioned that we should solve Artsakh conflict as we consider it right”, the expert says. Find the details in the program “Paradigm”.