05 Nov 2018

The preferential system has challenged small parties: expert

Unfortunately, these elections will not be ideological.


The rejection of the draft of the new Electoral Code has challenged political parties, especially the small ones. Armen Vardanyan, the expert of the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs, clarifies that the new code would have reduced the threshold and provided at least four parties in the National Assembly. “The system has forced the small parties to face the fact, and many of them do not know whether to participate in the elections or not,” the expert notes.

Armen Vardanyan notes with regret that these elections will not be ideological. “Voters will not choose between the programs and the ideology of the parties but between their friends and relatives,” he stresses. He also recalls that in previous elections there were individuals who got more votes than some large parties.

As for the chances of the Republicans, the expert notes that the RPA will bet on the old electoral code. “Perhaps they have strong candidates who will be elected through the preferential list,” he says. Find the details in the program “Paradigm”.