17 Jan 2018

When no work experience is needed

The “Breedge” startup, built by students, is a bridge between employers and students.


 “The specialist is required; work experience is needed”. The “Breedge” offers to leave this popular job announcement in the past. The aim of the startup created by the students is to match the personality of the potential employee with the company culture.

So far, the job announcements are published via Facebook. The team members get familiarized with the culture of the employers, and then send them the CVs of the students that correspond to that culture. Using this method, the “Breedge” team have managed to help about 90 students to get employed in 50 companies within nine months.

In just a few days, when the website of “Breedge” is ready, employers and students will have the opportunity to have their profiles on the website and immediately connect with each other.