15 Nov 2017

Pretentious Dios brand: unique and unusual watches

Dios Armenian brand will be available in 2018


Dios brand watches are almost entirely handmade, made of precious or semi-precious stones, decorated with silver miniature statues. The samples of Dios brand are created by director and painter Aram Ohanian.

It took two years to implement the ideas. During that time, Aram, together with his wife, worked out a business project, purchased the necessary raw materials and found partners. The name has long been thought of, as an Armenian brand should have an Armenian name.

The first batch was assembled on the Japanese mechanism; it consists of 28 samples. Moonlight, green granite, agate, and other semi-precious stones found in Armenia are used as frames and dials for watches, and the leather chain is decorated with silver miniature statues. Each sample is unique and it is not possible to prepare a second one.