29 May 2017

Tatul Hakobyan: The Armenians wanted the independence within the territory of Western Armenia

The history should be pure, otherwise you will destroy it.


The Turks forced Armenians to declare independence. Now after 99 years of the proclamation of the republic, "the narrative" has changed; however, if we thoroughly look at the history, we will see how they compelled this independence. What was the interest of the Turks? Journalist, expert of "Civilitas Foundation” Tatul Hakobyan explains that Turkey wanted Armenia to be a small country under their authority. "This was a big topic of debate even within Turkey," he notes.

Hakobyan emphasized that a century ago, the Armenians did not seek for independence, they thought that it could become a threat and the Turks could finally wipe out them.

In addition, the expert quotes Ruben Ter-Minasyan, “Until 1917 there was no flow in the Armenian political vision, which would want Armenia's independence on the territory of nowadays Armenia”. “There was a broad range of individuals that strove for the independence, but this was the independence of Western Armenia. They desired Van as a capital, not Yerevan,” Tatul Hakobyan stresses.