Gevorg Melikyan

Gevorg Melikyan

Host of the program "Paradigm"


Gevorg Melikyan is a policy analyst and political advisor with considerable personal, academic and professional experience in foreign and security policies, and domestic politics.

He holds an MA in Political Science (sub-field: International Relations) with concentrations in security issues, politico-military alliance formations, and conflict resolution from Ohio University, USA. Gevorg has an extensive experience in European and Eurasian affairs; conflict prevention and resolution; post-Soviet conflicts; Armenian-Turkish relations (track 1.5 and track 2); Armenia-Russia relations; Armenia’s European/Eurasian aspirations; social media; good governance; democratization of post-Soviet countries, etc.

Gevorg was a recipient of US Government sponsored Muskie Fellowship stipend and a visiting research fellow at World Security Institute/Center for Defense Information, Washington DC. Also, he has interned with the Center of Strategic and International Studies (USA) and the Council of Europe (France).

He served as the head of French Department at the European Regional Academy in Yerevan, and since 2013, Gevorg is a member of a network of experts of the Black Sea region supported by the Austrian Go-Governance Institute. Since 2015, he is an associate fellow in the Political Developments & Security Program at the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs-AIISA.

Currently, he is a teaching professor of news literacy and critical thinking at the Armenian State Pedagogical University.

Gevorg has a number of publications, interviews and lectures in Armenian, Russian, English and French.