Arman Suleymanyan

Arman Suleymanyan

Host of the program "Hard talk"


A journalist must speak and publicize everything that others try to conceal. Everything else that a journalist does is called public relationship.

The TV called Paradiplomacy enabled me to make investigatory films / “Water Thief is not a Thief”, ''Amulsar''/, as well as it provided me to exercise free style in the scope of the program ''Hard Talk''.

In 2005 I graduated from GIPA University (Georgian Institute of Public Affairs), the faculty of Media Management and Journalism, and I got master degree in journalism.

He has been a correspondent for various media outlets, particularly for Radio Van, Civilnet. He is an author and director of several documentary films. He has had professional trainings in different European countries. He gets excited like a child when as a result of a right journalistic work people achieve justice and restore their rights.